Barco Position Statement Conflict Minerals Rule

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act

The “Dodd-Frank Act” is a US regulation which establishes obligations for US stock-listed companies to disclose information about their use of tin, tungsten, gold and tantalum originating from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and adjacent countries. The aim of this rule is to call for international action on ending the conflict mineral trade in DRC which fuels armed conflict in the region.

According to this new regulation, all companies reporting to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) are required to conduct due diligence on the use of conflict minerals in their supply chain and to make annual disclosures to the SEC.

Barco approach to conflict minerals

Barco is committed to ensure the health and safety of people and of the environment worldwide. Social responsibility matters are addressed in Barco’s Code of Ethics and Business Conduct available here.

Moreover, Barco requests this commitment to its suppliers by implementing its Suppliers Sustainability Program which involves an extensive collection of environmental data from all Barco suppliers worldwide.

Addressing conflict minerals is also one of our commitments, even though Barco is not a stock listed company on the New York Stock Exchange. We have committed not to source products and components which we know contain conflict minerals and we have established a supplier survey to improve the transparency and traceability of metals in our supply chain.

Our survey is based on the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition approach and uses the EICC Conflict Minerals Reporting Template to identify the smelters, the process and the metals which are used in our supply chain.

Next to our survey, we have requested all our core and key suppliers to avoid selling parts and components to Barco which they know contain conflict minerals. We recognize the challenge that this exercise represents due to the difficulties our suppliers face to fully trace and understand the origin of their metals. However we believe this will increase transparency at deep levels of our supply chain and will help promoting responsible sourcing of these specific minerals.

To request information about conflict minerals please contact our Environmental Compliance Office at